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I'm loosing my mind! HD 2600XT HDMI 5.1 Audio problems...

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I've posted in some other threads, but with no luck so here it goes.

I have the following system:


Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R

Intel Core 2 duo E6750

Corsair 2x1GB

Sappire Radeon HD2600XT

Vista Home Premium


Panasonic XR-59

My PC is connected to my receiver with HDMI cable using the DVI->HDMI adapter there was included in the pack. The video part works fine, the problem is in the audio. I have managed to get the audio to the receiver in stereo, but 5.1 & DTS is not working. I was told to set audio options in PoweDVD and Media Center to SPDIF/Passthroug, but i havent got that option?

My vista installed the Microsoft High Definition Audio drivers to both my motherboard and the HD2600XT onboard soundchip. Then i DL and installed the Realtek High Def. audio priver from their website, but it will only install to the onboard soundcard on my motherboard.

If i manually try to update the HD2600XT soundchip with the Realtek driver i get a BSOD. In the Readme.txt from the Realktek diver package it says this:

HDMI Driver : ---------------------------------------------------------

Vista x64:

RtHDMIVX.sys :

RtkHDM64.dll : 6.0.6000.37

RHDMEx64.dll : 6.0.6000.25

Vista x86:

RtHDMIV.sys :

RtkHDMI.dll : 6.0.6000.37

RHDMIExt.dll : 6.0.6000.25

I cant find the RtkHDMI.dll or RHDMIExt.dll anywhere?

Here is some screenshots of my setting as they are now:

I think it's a driver problem, but i have almost tried everything. Is there anybody outthere who have an idea?
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I think you have to get AC3 codec (for 5.1 audio) and set it to SPDIF/Passthrough. I have the same video card but I have it connected to my AV receiver through optical cable, and dvi->hdmi to my panasonic plasma. works like a charm.
Click the Konfigurer button on first screenshot & select 5.1

Originally Posted by 720p /forum/post/12867117

Click the Konfigurer button on first screenshot & select 5.1

I cant.. Only option there is stereo. I'll try with AC3 codec.
Hmmm cant install AC3filter.. This error keeps coming:

Translated to english:

ac3filter_1_46.exe stopped working

Windows is searching for a solution...
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Hmm, I have installed ac3filter on both of my two Vista computers with no problem. Not sure why that is failing for you.

In general it's a good idea to shut down the User Accountr Control in Vista while troubleshooting and installing stuff. When everyting is the way you want it, turn it back on.

You say that you try to get sound trough your HDMI connection, however on your first image the Speaker device is set as the default device. This means that the only sound you will get out is trought the analog outputs, problably from you motherboard.

Kindof stupid question, but have to tried to set "Digital Outputenhet (HDMI)" as the default device? The default device is the device that all sound normally will be passed on to as long as the software you are using does not have special options for this (something it normally does not have). This also applies to Vista Media Player and Vista Media Center.

If that does not do it for you, I would have tried to connect the PC trough the SPDIF connection (light or coax) to your receiver and set the "Reltek Digital Output" as the default device. The problem might be in HDMI 1.3 issues (the standard is relatively new).

I have not looked into the HDMI options, but for the Digital Output you have to go to the "Egenskaper" and the tab "Understøttede formater" and select the formats that you receiver supports (Normally DD/DTS and sometimes also WMA).

From here you may also play test-tone to check if it actually works. If you do not get any sounds from the test tones in this screens there is no point trying anywhere else.

I also assume that you have all updates from Windows Update installed?

You may as well try to just uninstall all reltek stuff on your PC and just use the native Vista Drivers.

You should also try to go www.giga-byte.com and download all the latest drivers and chipsets for your motherboard and install them. This will also include drivers for audio.

And of course, go to www.ati.com and download the latest drivers to your graphics card. They relesed a new version (8.1) just a couple of days ago.

Hope you get it working...

Just so you know this: If you receiver supports DolbyDigital and DTS and you are using digital out (HDMI or Coax) there is no need for AC3 or any other software decoder. This should not do any difference as the signal should be decoded by the receiver, not the PC.

Focus your testing and troubleshooting using the sound settings (from the first screenshots shown). That should allow you to test anything needed.

If you are using analog output then it's a different case because then either the soundcard (motherboard in your case) or software must to the decoding.

Regards, TEK
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Ok, then i'll give CCCP atry..

TEK>> It's only on that screenshot it is like that, i know i have to set the HDMI output as default to use it

Both the sound & audio must go in the HDMI cable cause the PC and AVR is not in the same room, and the HDMI cable is put in the wall

I will try to update drivers to, but they should be updated..

EDIT: Okay, it seems to be my vista there is something wrong with. When i try to install CCCP it says the same thing.
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Okay im stuck again.. Now matter how i use the settings i only get stereo. And i am testing powerdvd with a movie that has bots DTS and DD5.1 but it only outputs stereo... The receiver doesnt get over signal than stero, so the problem is in the computer.

Shouldent there be a driver for the audio includede in the driver package from ATI? Seems very strange to me...
is "power dvd" set to output as SPDIF ?

it should be

this option can only be change when "NO Media" is playing...(when media isnt playing)

sorry if this has already been comfirmed...
If i set powerdvd to SPDIF there is no sound.

But have found out that i apperently had the wrong driver for the HDMI Audio. But vista wont let me install the right one. When i click on HDMI_R168.exe windows just says:

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I have the same card and simply could not get dd5.1 or dts 5.1 to work over hdmi. From what I know the card is only capable of stereo. i ended up using the spdif from the motherboard. Otherwise this card is ok for HD. ps use system restore to go back in time before u installed ac3 filter. Otherwise you are going to have more problems after all the codecs you installed.
Now there is progress!

i somehow managed to get Realtek HDMI Audio Driver R162 installed by opening the .exe file with winrar and do it that way around.

Now i have DD5.1 & DTS in Windows Mediacenter. In the configuration SPDIF was not an option, so i chosed Toslink instead, but there is sound in all 6 speakers now.

But in PowerDVD there still is no sound if i choose SPDIF. if i chooese 2-6 speakers it only plays in stereo.

Could that be because of the older driver or is it something else?

Is there other DVD player programs i can test with?
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Hi again 720p.

I tried TheaterTek, and it works just perfect! Thank you very much. Any idea why powerdvd wont work then?

BTW, the vista error about the .exe files stopped workings seems to be network related. i changed my wireless adapter, and re downloaded the file and it works just fine. What the problem is i dont know.

But now i have DD5.1 & DTS so thank you
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Hello, PDVD when set to spdif I get no sound as well, I only get sound when set to 6 channel but then the decoding is done by PDVD and doesn't sound good.

This is on Intel G35 through hdmi.

All other players work fine including WMP11. Try that one as well.
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