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Im lost - Point me in the right direction!

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I have been reading through countless posts at this great forum as well as an enourmous amount of reviews on various different speakers, but I find myself more lost now then when I started.

I am trying to pick a good set of speakers for my Yamaha RXV1400 receiver. Currently I am running the Wharfedale Diamond 8 series, which I find lacking and unexciting. Hence the reason for the upgrade.

I have been reading posts where ppl are saying that the yamaha receivers are "bright" sounding and I should pair them with "warm" speakers to get the best result. Ok then I have a real general idea of what ppl are saying though I dont know whether I like my sound bright or warm......if I was asked the question I would have to say I want my setup to sound as accurate as possible, whether that be bright or warm or how it is recorded.

So I guess I am asking, what do you think would be the best choice of speakers to pair with my yammy? I know that it is subjective, and to listen to as many speakers as I can, but I need a good starting point. Point me in the right direction please :)
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My guess is that after you upgrade your speakers, that the

yamaha amp is going to start begging to be upgraded. (Mostly becasuse it sounds like you got the bug.) So my advice is to get the best speakers that you like and can afford, that can safely be driven by your receiver.
Thanks for the reply swampfox. Do you have any ideas on which speakers I should be looking at in particular? Or ones that I should steer away from for that matter?

I have been looking at the Paradigm speakers, in particular the Studio 20s/40s

And the B & W 602 S3.
the paradigm and b&w are both excellent.....

grab your favorite recording and start doing a bunch of listening to as many different speakers as possible.....

good luck in your search!

I think if you are lloking at "good" speakers in the price range of Studio 20/40s if the speakers sound good with the receiver at the store they will sound good with your Yamaha. (excepting of course room issues).

There is just a flood of speakers that you could try in that range. I'm sure you will hear online companies like rockets or Axiom. I'm not sure what is available at your price range in Australia.

I'd forget about "matching" the speakers to the receiver and set a budget and listen to whatever you can find in that budget. Buy what sounds best. You'll hear that a million times but its MUCh more important than :matching". Do pay attention to if the speakers are 8, 6 or 4 ohm. I don't think you want to be driving 4ohm speakers with what you have.
Thanks for the responses guys.

Jamisnapp: I have read that ppl have had success with those speakers (Axiom and Rockets) but they are not available where I am. There are a few different stores that I can go to demo stuff, but there are really only 2 or 3 true "HiFi" stores in my area, the rest being big chain stores selling cheap crap. Another problem with being down under most companies dont have any policies on trying out the speakers at home or having a 30 day return period :( And with only one store in the whole capital city of AUS sells my AMP it makes it hard :)

OK Ill stop sobbing now lol

Anyways another question. Been reading a few B & W reviews, on the 602 S3 speakers. They say that you wont get the best result in a small room. Currently I have a little room dedicated to my HT approx 6 x 3m. How do you know or tell from specs etc what size speaker is right for my size room?

Thanks again guys.
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How do you know or tell from specs etc what size speaker is right for my size room?
almost any speaker will work in any room with the right amplification..... the best thing is to audition the speaker in a similiar sized room or even better in your own room.....
>> there are really only 2 or 3 true "HiFi" stores in my area, the rest being big chain stores selling cheap crap.

That's actually better than a lot of places here (USA). Audio stores are getting scarce on the ground because of the big chain stores. If your chain stores are like ours, they sell crap plus some decent stuff. But they make it hard to audition anything. You might want to check them out - they tend to have good values if you can find the decent stuff.

Also, don't be reluctant to demo speakers you'll only be able to afford by hitting the lotto. Listening to very good speakers will tell you a lot about what you're hearing in the stuff you can afford.
It's a joke to try and audition something when you're in a wide open store room that's like 30 ft. by 30ft or even larger than that... LOL... and frustrating.
I have B&W DM 602 S3s with my Yamaha Rx-V1400, Amazing is about the only word that comes to mind. For the price it's tough to near impossible to beat the sound combination. I would recommend adding a sub, the DM602s do go low, but not really low enough.

I have these speakers (as well as the Dm604s and LCR600 and SVS PC+ 20-39) in a 9' x 11' room (so yeah small), and it's anything short of amazing. IF this was going to be my dedicated room, I would've bought only DM602 S3s strictly (have a nice 7.1 with all DM602s). I'm still thinking I might pick up another set up 602s (if I can get a good deal) and use one for my center channel, then have one extra if one dies (or sell it).

If you match B&W and Yamaha, you will be extremely happy with the results. The one thing I did do was raise the highs on the Yamaha's speaker EQ to give it just that little extra something. Made it sound perfect in my opinion. (I only added a max of 1.0-1.5db increase on the highs, talking the 16KHz range I believe).

Definitely take a close look (and listen) with the B&W & Yamaha setup.
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PewterTA: What would be a better setup for Home Theatre as my setup will be used 80:20 HT:Music. 602 S3's all round, or the 602 S3 up front, LCR60 for the centre and the DS6 surrounds? I get conflicting reports from the forums and reviews as what is the best fot HT.
The 1400 is no where near as bright as the previous generations of receivers.
My Diamond 8.3's kick butt. Not sure why you're not happy?
Those B&W's kick ass, but wow, $2300 almost just to do 5.1 with those 602's.... whew, I need to save some cash!
Just an opinion- I'd either go with a really good set of speakers for the price OR get some true Hi Fi stuff for some money ( good value for the dollar but expensive).

The Ascend CBM 170s talked about here so often seem to be the speaker of choice for really great sound at somewhat value pricing.

Speakers are largely subjective and even your chat about warm and bright fits right in with this. ( we can talk about what that means if you want-different topic). My point is to put forth an opinion and not get flamed too badly here-- Except for the 800 line, and after many many auditions, I dont believe B&W series 600 and 700 are worth the money compared to many many other brands in the same range. Thats what happens when you do the "these stores only no internet sales routine." Inflated pricing relative to value. Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered as they say. B&W pricing represents the hog far as I can tell.

Pretty strong statement so I'll apologize right off. But thats what I think.

Similar priced way better speaker brands? Here's some- Magnepan, JM Labs, Meadowlark, Von Schweikert, Vandersteens, Soliloquy (my pick but whatever), Joseph Audio, Green Mountian Europa. Thats 8 brands off the top of my head for the same money-- might as well as add Linn in their too; think I saw the B&W 703s for 4400 retail or something ridiculous like that.

Anyway, I'd go with great value preserve the bank account or some true high end but good value for the dollar stuff . No inbetween stuff!
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If you're considering Paradigm Studio 20/40 (very nice speakers, btw, nearly got them myself) you might also want to audition the VR-M50s/60s from Boston Acoustics (which is what I bought recently). There are a number of fine speakers in this range, but I found my Bostons to be very close to the Paradigms, with a bit better bass response, while remaining neutral in tone.

Good luck. And remember: AUDITION, AUDITION, AUDITION.
I am looking at a 20*12 foot room myself. My only intimate contact thus far as been Paradigm and PSB's.

Hopefully we keep this thread alive...
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