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I have all my stereo equipment in a closet with a IR receiver in the lounge room.

I have my Imac in the lounge room.

I currently have the mini jack output from the Imac running mondo feet to the stereo and then splitting to 2 RCA's for input.

Is there a better way?

What about an external soundcard I could send the mp3 files to over some other cable?

Ideally a unit that could receive the raw mp3 files over ethernet then play them into the stereo? the external processing would be superior to the imac's internal sound card.

most units seem to be USB which means they and stereo cant be more than 30 feet apart.

I have to send the signal 100feet.

A lot of these gadgets seem to let you control your PC from the stereo touting remotes etc. My problem is reverse though, the interface I do have access to is the computer.

all ideas gratefully considered.

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