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I need to repair an Epson EMP-5000 LCD SVGA projector. The problem is

that the image has all the colours, but the different colours are not

always in convergence. The convergence problem is not a uniform one

but is more noticeable when the image is displaying a picture with

vertical lines in it, its almost like the convergence is correct in

the Horizontal plane, but not the vertical. Epson say the LCD

optical image generator needs replacing at a cost of nearly £1000, is

this correct? any tips/tricks you guys know about? Anyone know of

anybody holding old stock of this spare part? The projector is about

three years old. TIA

Update on the above, I was running the unit last night and at switch

on the problem was as described above, I went back to the unit 10

minutes later and the image was perfect, I left the unit going and

about another 10 minutes later the image had gone back to being faulty

again, does this give any clues?

I am an Electronics Engineer, so can handle most repairs, with the right information/parts.

Mark in the UK
[email protected] (remove the X to reply)
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