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I don't understand how to make the tradeoff relative to where to place the projector relative to screen when pincushion is a factor.

Will I have a lot more pincushion or other distortion if I move the projector farther from the vertical center of the screen? - The trade is 12" move closer to the vertical screen center.

I have an N7 gray 2.35 108" x 43" screen so I am not counting on any retro-reflective effect.

The projector has the ability through lens shift to let me place the projector very close to the ceiling. That means that the projector will be 20" above the top of the screen and lens shift will be used to move the image down 40".

The alternate location lets me drop the lens by 12" but its 6 feet closer to the screen and directly over the primary seat.

Any ideas?
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