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I use AVS forum for over a year and it’s been very useful to me. So far I could get all the info I wanted from existing posts. Now I got myself so many different components in my HT and specific problems that I actually have to write my own post.

Over 1 year ago I bought an AVR (Sony STR-DH520) which I connected to 2 Sony SS-A50 speakers in front and 2 Magnat (specs unknown, but decent commercial device) speakers rear. A few months later I installed a Sony SS-MS525 subwoofer. Last week I’ve added a JBL LX2000 C center speaker.

Then people started telling me about impedance. *Do you feel it coming?* Ofcourse the impedance levels didn’t match.

AVR: Sony STR-DH520 impedance: 8-16 Ohm

Speakers Fr: Sony SS-A50 impedance: 6 Ohm

Speakers Rr: Magnat type unknown (tag removed) probably 6 or 8 Ohm

Subwoofer: Sony SS-MS525 impedance: 8 Ohm

Center speaker: JBL LX2000 C impedance: 6 Ohm

TV: Panasonic TX-P50G30

Peripheral: PS3, Acer Aspire 5740G, Mede8er X3D-600

It’s all hooked up now and it works but I don’t dare to crank the volume up. I’m not about to replace my speakers and I prefer not to replace my AVR either. However I want to feel comfortable that I won’t cause damage, even when I crank the volume up.

Should I upgrade to a 6 Ohm impedance AVR?

Yes, can you recommend some cheap/low-end 6 Ohm AVR with 4 HDMI-inputs? (Max €500,-)

No, can I crank up the volume a bit?

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I don't think running your AVR at 8 Ohms is going to hurt anything, especially if some of your speakers can handle 6 Ohms. I run mine at 8 even tho the speakers can handle 6. I may have to run the volume up a bit more if I need to but there's no strain on the receiver.
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