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Impedence Matching & Power Consumption

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I have a few questions regarding VCs and power usage and proper setup...

Question #1:

VC set to 1x mode -- If I have an amp turned on to lets say 50% and have music playing, will the same amount of power be used if I have the VC at 0% vs 100%?

(My guess is yes, that when the VC is at 0% that it will just turn the audio signal into heat?)

Followup to #1:

What if I have two VCs (2x mode) running off the same amp and one VC is at 0% and one is at 100% -- will I burn same power as if they were both at 100%?

(Am guessing the answer will be similar to whatever is correct to above but want to make sure I understand fully)

Now I have two power consumption and wattage questions:

My basement area has 5 zones -- (2 bath, living room, study and an external patio). All zones will drive off same source so will be on the same large amp.

Clearly the amp will have to be on at any given time so that someone can walk into the room and turn on audio -- and since the system won't know which room someone would walk into, I have to power all 5 rooms...

If the answers to my earlier questions means that I will be burning power to all unused rooms, are there VC solutions to this? Can I get a VC that tells an amplifier control board of some sort that it is "off" and should not get power?


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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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