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Since I do a lot of recording from ota Public TV, my first impression was Great!

I have an antenna splitter running to Zenith and Zinwell converter boxes, and now to the Magnavox. I used to have to program the channel changes in the Zinwell, with its limit of 8; now I can dispense with the Zinwell and do my channel selection with the Mag's tuner. Any power glitch, and the Zinwell lost its date/time setting (timer channel switches were retained, but date/time was lost). Digital is beautiful thru the Mag, but analog is horrible, stay with the converter box for analog.

Timer setting and recording is convenient, different but not bad. Ability to pre-name or rename the title may be quite handy.

The remote layout seems logical; still have to get used to it. I find the labels for the buttons very difficult to read in all but optimum lighting conditions. I do like the label above the button instead of on the button where it gets worn off.

Editting and dubbing are primitive and very limited by Panasonic standards, but I was warned so not totally surprised. Wajo's Helpful Hints for leading and trailing scene deletes will be most useful. Panasonics Add Chapter and Playlist functions I will miss, but new users won't know what they're missing.

Hopefully, the ability to replace the Hard Drive and DVD Burner should the need arise, will provide a comforting security blanket.
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