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Imporant question before buying WD HD TV Media Player

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I'm new to avsforum, and I would like to know one important thing about WD HD Media Player. I read everything about this including all latest firmware updates but I'm really concerned about one thing:

WARM (heat) of this device.

I read some posts that this device warms up enourmously, doesn't want to stop and things like that. Please let me know if this is all true, if this still persists with latest upgrades, if device cools down when you turn it off (standby). I just don't like some HEAT object to be in my room that's all!

Please let me know about this problem, because every other stuff with latest firmware supposed to be just like I wanted!

I would gladly pay 500USD for the same device, just without all those warming and heating problems (if that is really like it was mentioned on some reviews and some posts).
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When you turn it off via remote, it does not really turn off.

So, it stays just warm, not hot!

Even a baby could touch it while it's warm because it does not get that hot.
You could hold it against your face and it wouldn't burn you. It gets warm the same as every other electronic device.

There is no heat problem. The people that say there is are whining about nothing.
Alright, but is there really no WAY to turn it off? Because that actually sux that device in standby mode is warm (not important how warm), because all my other devices are "almost COLD" when in standby mode.

Let me know if there is any way to get this device not warm when off.

I think, there is a way to prevent warming ,unplug it. thats enough.

I have been using it for a while and it is not a problem. As I know every single electronic device ,without fan, can warm while pluged in.
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