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Import DS lite?

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I want the Ice blue 110V version..now that Lik sang is gone Im looking for alternatives.

Play-asia is ok price but its sold out, and expensive shipping....any suggestions for a good games importer?
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I bought my Ice Blue DS Lite from NCSX.com. They are in New York. I never had any problems with them and I have been importing stuff from them for 5 years. Also I think the Ice blue DS Lite is the nicest color.
hey thanks!....but they dont have Ice Blue listed

maybe just out of stock...DARNIT! I cant find Ice in stock (for a reasonable price) anywhere!!

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just a follow up...I waited for a while and kept searching around..YesAsia did have the cheapest price (cause they give free shipping) but the est shipping date was two weeks from now, and another two weeks until arrival.

So I paid extra to use Play-asia and watched it get processed, shipped, and checked from HongKong-Montreal-Seattle in less than two days...it was on my doorstep in the afternoon of the 2nd day!!

Super fast shipping, worth the extra money (and piece of mind)....and yes, everyone is right. The Lite's screen is ridic better compared the the older DS...a great upgrade if you have the money or play the DS a lot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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