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yesterday, the first 6500 come to my shop

then , hurry up, take down the HD from the 4100, connect to the new 6500.

let experience the 6500.

open the TV, the language setting page display, cool, everything looks fine

then, go to the system configuration page

save the configuration, easy

start menu

every thing is fine until here...

system error, can not find the hard disc, cool down, cool down

first, check the power of hard disc, and check the data line of the hard disc.

everything looks ok.

May be 6500 automatically scan the network hard disc? ok, tune off the wireless. but sitll does not work

Connect the Hard Disc to the PC, it's successfully find the hard disc.

coming on, what happen?

meaning while, a customer come to my shop to order a 6500,

then i put this hard disc to a new 6500A(belong to this customer), still can not find the disc.

cool down, cool down, base on many year experience, i think there is no problem in the 6500, it must been some error of the hard disc

then go back the hard disc to 4100, every thing ok.

and take down another hard disc from pc to 4100, still ok.

right now,we can make sure the point is on the hard disc.

anyway, a customer come in and order a 6500 and some movies,

in next 5 hours(for coping the movies), he and me make a long time and happy discuss about 6500 and this strange question

after say good with my customer, i do a final check , but.........

still can not find the hard disc in my 6500

i am faint

suddenly, i have a idea, may be the hard disc "partition format" is wrong, then we check the pc , find the solution....

here is some my experience of 6500.

1. 6500 has the better layout, and more exquisite in font and icon than 4100.

2. 6500 has a longer time when loading into the main menu, almost double than 4100

3. the most important, for the hard disc, need to partition disc and make the main partition disc is 6500, then the 6500 can find this hard disc.

and 4100 dont need to do this.

hope this article will be useful for everyone who has the same problem with me.

and please forgive my poor english

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maybe my english not good enough to explain so well,

but 6500 uses 1 partition and needs to be formatted as "primary partition".

so if you formatted it as extended partition, the system will error out "can not find hard disc"

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as i known, you can have a "extended partitions", but the "primary partition" use

format as "6500"
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