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IMPORTANT:Who has a "PERFECT " Z2??factory & services values interchange!

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Hi all,

i've read many and many posts of many forums about Z2...some people have a vb problem, others the missalignment of lcd panels, others dust blobs....but is there anyone here , in this forum that haven't' ANY problem with his Z2???also with pal disks???

so i would request a favour:

hey you, lucky owner of a perfect z2, could you post all your factory and service menu' values???

you know, you would make happy a lot of people around the world!it would be very interesting

I'm from italy, i've a z2 with 103. fw...it's quite perfect except for the vb...


thanks to everyone partecipating!

bye and a big kiss from Rome!
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Your wasting bandwidth. Didn't you notice in all the posts you've read that machines are different - I'll guarantee you that somebody elses 'perfect' settings will not correct your machines display.
As KangarooPaw said, every projector is calibrated individually before it leaves the production.
Among the Z2 posts, did you notice this one ?


It shows that the settings that are right for one unit are comlpletely wrong for another. First example : the dark boxes on the THX optimizer test.

On a calibrated device, there must be 7. If there are 6 or 8, the device needs calibration.

With exactly the same user and service settings, when 9 are visible on Vlad_Dracule's Z2, only 3 are visible on mine.

Second example : flicker. When Buns' Z2 doesn't flicker, mine, with the same user and service settings, flickers so much that I don't need any test pattern to see it : any normal picture blinks !

Thus I would NEVER use the "perfect settings" of Vlad or Buns, since my unit looks broken with them.

Anyway, my Z2 is quite perfect.

VB is inferior to the background FPN

The greyscale has the best tradeoff between accuracy and punch

Panels are aligned better than 1/3 of a pixel at the center of the picture...

I just had a dust blob, that I removed.


The background FPN can look bad in itself. There is no calibration involved here, this is how the panel looks by themselves, after all VB is removed.

The lamp is blue, like any other lamp, and digitally correcting the greyscale leads to losses in color saturation, and makes the FPN more visible.

The green panel is not aligned with the others at the extreme left of the picture only.

The only problem that I could correct is the non linearity of the gamma curve, setting contrast at -31 and gamma at +7.

None of these problems come from a bad calibration, my unit was perfectly calibrated out of the box. All the service menu settings are as good as they can be. You can get them in the left column of this post : http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...58#post3198858

Changing them in order to get better "greyscale tracking" for example, introduces more problems than it solves (loss of light, apparent loss of color saturation, most of the IRE output falls into the zone where FPN is most visible). Moving the green panel to the right would fix the problem at the extreme left of the picture, but would reintroduce it at the center...
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some problems with your request:

1- nobody is going to post every service/factory setting. There are HUNDREDS of them in each menu.

2- even if you put in the exact values your machine most likely won't look the same. Other factors like the bulb come into play. Then there is the whole issue with the screen/room playing a part in how the image looks.
Since I never posted ALL my factory and service settings, and people keep requesting them, I'll do it.

Wether the settings of one machine can be applied to another seems to be a matter of luck. In the post about VB, some people who didn't manage to get rid of it succeeded by using someone else settings, ( Post 54 , post 71 ), while they don't work at all for others ( Post80 ). Icajiga insisted that using other people's settings, one must enter all of them.

Like Rlindo, I don't think that trying other people settings can be useful. At least not as useful as tuning your projector yourself. But I don't see a reason not to post my settings, so here they are.

You can try them on your machine, if the following warning don't discourage you !

There are 328 different factory settings for DVI input, with interruptions in their labeling (no item 80, no itm 117, 118 nor 119...). It is very long to write them all without mistake, you have to double, or even triple check in order to be sure.
If you skip only one value backing up your factory settings, and mine don't work on your machine, you will have no way to get your projector working again ! All the values following the one you skipped will be completely out, and you won't be able to know where was the skipped one. We don't have the default values for the factory menu, even less the ones that were calibrated for your unit !

It's up to you to decide... personally, I would never do such a thing !

My firmware is 103

My source is an HTPC, 1280x720 60 Hz, via DVI(PC)

My factory settings are attached to this post.

My service settings for DVI are :

1 50

2 50

3 51

4 0

5 0

6 0

7 490

8 490

9 490

10 138

11 139

12 138

13 97

14 89

15 96

16 533

17 573

18 520

21 83

22 83

23 84

24 128

- (no DVI)

27 0

- (no DVI)

39 2

40 1

41 254

42 2

43 1

44 254

45 2

46 1

47 254

48 1016

49 420

50 1016

51 420

52 1016

53 420

54 -

55 1


57 1

58 0

59 0

60 0

(no auto greyscale)

(Fan control doesn't affect PQ)

(no DVI)

219 0

220 0

(no DVI)

500 0

My user settings are :

Contrast : -31

Brightness : 0

Color temp : Mid

Red : 0

Green : 0

Blue : 0

Sharpness : -7

Gamma : +7

Auto greyscale : Off


my sanyo plv-z2 factory settings, version 103, dvi(pc).zip 9.71875k . file


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Pio2001 - What made you lower your contrast so much?

First, the fact the whites were a bit clipped, then, mostly in order to use only the low IRE of the projector, that I can tweak quite well with the gamma setting (+7) in order to improve them, while tweaking high IREs seems impossible.

See the explanation with pictures in http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...56#post3074856 ,

§4.2 Correction
Dear Gogu, I have seen SEVERAL posts from you asking for settings and values but have NEVER seen a post from you saying results of your experimentation. I think that to deserve better attention, you will need to improve your feedback. Post your results...have you changed any settings? What works what doesn't? Does your Z2 improved? etc.
This post was one of the oldest, that I revived. I should have answered in the VB thread, where people started to exchange settings, but since this is not about VB, this thread was more appropriate.
If you problem is VB with the Z2, I remember someone mentioning a bios(?) upgrade did the trick.
Anyone know what it takes to get Boxlight off their ass and issue firmware updates? Mine went into the factory just 3 weeks ago (when the Sanyo's were reporting 106, I have 103) and they told me no updates were available. They also quit answering my emails after I told them they injected dust blobs into my machine while it was being 'cleaned' by them. Great customer service, huh?

Mine is still suffering VB and I tried Pio2001's settings. My picture is improved and the VB is less but still very much there.
Originally posted by Marissadad
Mine is still suffering VB and I tried Pio2001's settings. My picture is improved and the VB is less but still very much there.
I thought your VB was cleaned up long ago. You posted a couple of times that it was. . . .

Jan. 27: "Now that I have considerably reduced my vertical banding, I am very happy."

Jan. 28: " I went through about 30 different register settings. Funny thing is, while I was doing it, I saw changes on the screen but nothing minimized the VB, but once I left the service mode, the VB disappeared and I was a very happy camper."

What has happened since to make you dissatisfied?
It comes and goes depending on what I watch. It is much better on normal material, but still rears it's ugly head in light scenes. It was such a drastic improvement over what I had that I didn't notice it at first, but since I've been wathching it more, I see it more often now. It is drastically reduced, don't get me wrong, I can live with it, but it is still annoying to see it on light colored backgrounds, even though it is hardlly noticeable.

It's like edge enhancement, once you know about it, you can't miss it.

Perhaps you have been soured on the Z2 by the fact your initial VB was so bad. Do you agree?

Now, you can't leave it alone and look for it overly much. If your Z2 was like it is now "out of the box," do you think its present level of VB would even have ever caught your attention?
I agree, I have been soured. Yes, I would have noticed the VB out of the box if it was the same as it is now. I think my machine is worse than what everyone else is seeing. Fog scenes are particularly bad still. I try not to look for it so it won't bug me.

In the post "Screenshot of VB here" the shot of VB in Pirates of the Caribbean is about how mine looks now, after changing the settings. Before I changed it, it was one notch away from when you set Factory 14 to where it shows solid vertical lines. I just can't get it as low as others report. Figures I would get the lemon, I seem to have a knack for that.
I gott'a ask it and I don't mean to be cheeky.

Have you tried Luis's settings EXACTLY as he posted them? All of them?

And what was the result?

They just worked so wonderfully for me.
dawziecat, yes, I tried those settings and I still have noticeable vb.
Originally posted by Marissadad
dawziecat, yes, I tried those settings and I still have noticeable vb.
Well, that's a real shame. Maybe it's time to considering selling it on ebay? You would certainly get a good price and then could try some other PJ that will not be such a trial to your eyes?
I would really like to see one that supposedly has no VB before I do anything that drastic. I met a guy on this forum who lives 15 miles away that is waiting for a Z2, I'll have to see if he got it yet and check his out.
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