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I just replaced my 8500DV with a new Xtasy 9800 Pro. I had 1:1 pixel mapping working just dandy on the HS10 with the old card (via Powerstrip), but it's no joy with the 9800 pro. The problem is if the vertical refresh is around 56hz, the horizontal refresh is always around the same number and I can't move them independently (I don't think I could move them independently with the 8500DV either, but the horizontal started out a lot lower to begin with).

Even more frustrating is that I can actually get the HS10 into 1366x768 mode (can see that via menu - info.), but only when the PC is outputting 1024x768 since then the horizontal refresh is a lot lower.

By the way, below are the settings that worked like a charm on the 8500DV.

My guess is that this is unsolvable, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

-Chris C.

[settings that worked with 8500DV)


Pixels: 1360 768

Refresh rate 44.316 55.884

Front porch 72 1

Sync width 136 3

Back porch 208 21

Aspect ratio: any

Pixel clock: 78.705

The HS10 was in Digital-Computer mode with the following displayed in the info menu:




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