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Impressions of newly Thumperized up1100

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I've finally got round to installing my newly Thumperized Plus UP1100 which Thumper assures me is his first international sale! I was waiting for my panamorph to arrive before an install but I got tired of waiting, after all I might still be waiting by christmas! and it could always be seized by customs when it finally ships because it does resemble a U-boat periscope!!

Anyway, the thing is wonderful, it has all the optical engine improvements and also has new gamma curves (2.2 and 2.5 I think) The colour with my radeon card, bettercable and greyhawk is quite realistic and a vast improvement on my old DL450. The halo is acceptable and the image has excellent blacks and whites. It is the most film like image I've seen off a DLP. The only problem I have is micro-stuttering when using 60hz as the projector tears at anything higher. I can't seem to get rid of it using the ATI player or Windvd and PS3. I think it must be the way the UP1100 does 60hz.

The UP1100 is VERY noisey still but I plan to put it behind a wall with a edmund glass sheet in it.

Overall I'd recommend Thumper's mods to anyone who has or can find a up1100, it's the best upgrade I've done in ages. Even with all the new xga, and wide dlps arriving I still think this holds its own. I won't upgrade again until D-ila resolution becomes much cheaper!
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Welcome to the club! There should be a fairly significant number of Thumper converts in circulation by now. I have had the mods for several months now and have had a chance to run the 1100T through its paces with a variety of hdtv and dvd sources. I am as pleased now as the day the box arrived from Thumper several months ago. In particular, darker films have held up very well. Previous to T's mods, several darker films could not be cured of the washed out look. It's not G-90 blacks but I am no longer sitting through those dark films telling myself every 10 minutes "this #$%^s". Color rendition is also greatly improved and in this regard I have found myself using an AA transcoder to convert my htpc signal to component b/c the 1100 seems to have better overall color depth/saturation/control through its component input. The AA does affect the signal somewhat but the color benefits seem to outweigh the negatives (slight ghosting of fine text and very minor distortion of blues). With my Radeon htpc, the 1100 seems to only accept a 60hz rr; with 75 or 72, the image shakes a bit.

I am curious about your reaction to the gamma mods. Please post your views.

I would not necessarily think that extra DILA resolution will or should be enough to get you to upgrade. I have compared the 1100 EXTENSIVELY to a G-90 and resolution (even on 720p and 1080i hd sources) is fairly low on my list of characteristics where the Sony is clearly superior. Color, color and color is where you will see the difference and want to have it, not rez. Even after the G-90 viewings, I am not thinking I will be "upgrading" anytime soon.



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Are the new gamma tables a standard part of Thumper's modifications now? Is any software provided to adjust the tables or install new ones, if Thumper comes up with something even better?
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