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I have a pair of Nautilis 803 speakers, for which I measured the in-room response using a simple windows test tone generator (using discrete steps) and a RS digital SPL meter.

I have some dips and peaks between 20 and 42 Hz which annoy me :
  • 40 Hz -> 71 dB
  • 38 Hz -> 65 dB
  • 36 Hz -> 72 dB
  • 34 Hz -> 80 dB
  • 32 Hz -> 76 dB
  • 30 Hz -> 73 dB

Then the sound rolls of to 69 dB at 20 Hz.

The problem with this room is that I cannot drastically change it's properties : I had to mount my Barco on two beams instead of mounting it directly under the ceiling as the house (built in 1904) is just too old and cannot be damaged in any way. So I'm a bit afraid if room treatment using panels/bass traps/... will be tolerated by my landlord.

How would you solve the above situation ?

I have the following options :
  • change speaker position
  • change seats position
  • and as a last solution, use parametric EQ (e.g. Behringer)

Where would you start ? Are there any decent guides how to solve those issues ? I sometimes notice some form of boomyness which I can only address to 80 dB peak at the 34 Hz.

I am aware of short guides about dips and peaks which were posted in stereophile, but I'm looking for a good online resource.
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