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Hi all,

I have been googling around for a day or so, trying to figure out how I might improve the output from my Sky+ box.

Am using PC as HTPC, using Nvidia GTX295 and hardware de-interlacing, getting great quality with all of my content. I am using a Samsung Series 9 46" but for some reason, with my sky+ box outputting RGB via Scart, I am getting ugly interlacing artifacts.

I am unsure if the TV or the sky+ box is doing the de-interlacing. I have the TV set to the recommended Low setting for Motion Plus. Strangely some scenes seem to completely confuse whatever de-interlacer is being used. For example watching Sky News, the moving text at the bottom of the screen, depending on whats above it, it seems to get de-interlaced perfectly, or not at all, leading to a noticible jump / judder every minute or so.

So what I am asking you guys is, would you think i could get rid of this effect by using my PC to do the de-interlacing. If so, how best can I get the output from the sky box into the pc, and can I use familiar software like ffdshow to play with interlaced flags, do software upscaling / deinterlacing if needs be. I am unfamiliar with inputting video into the pc.

Thanks alot.
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