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IMX lens on the AE100

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I picked up an IMX lens that is a much larger size than needed - but the price was right. Added a 55mm to 67mm step up ring, 67mm Hoya HMC FL-D filter, 67mm to 95mm step up ring, and the IMX on top!


Sorry about the bad image quality, but you get the idea.

As you know, the front of the AE100 lens rotates when you focus, and therefore the IMX lens will rotate as well which is not ideal. With the step up ring, I am able to use the long bolts with the IMX and the bolts actually go behind the step up ring. The IMX fits quite tight, but can be easily rotated independent of the AE100 lens. No time to actually tweak this thing and watch a movie yet though :(

Later I will take some images from the screen and post them on a new thread.

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Wow. I'd call your AE100 "inspector" with that spectacle on there. hehe. It works good though, right?

I may have missed your review, but did you ever give any feedback on how your IMX lens works with the 100? Specifically, did improve the screen door? If so, how much? For example, how close (ie, 2.0x width) could you sit before the lens and then after? Any impact to pq (focus, color, light output, contrast)?

Thanks much
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