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To begin with, I have seen that owners of a particular projector often vigorously tout it as the best thing on earth. That said, I have owned 3 projectors, and have been generally pleased with them, but he first two had short lives and I decided there and then that Infocus wasn't for me. Those were the X-1 and the 4805, and DLP was ok, but both projectors cratered after a couple years.

Next I got a Sanyo Z-5, and candidly I like it very much. It has, however been relocated to a vacation home (replacing a failed Infocus 4805) and I am now looking to replace it at my daily living home.

In my search for a replacement, I discovered that the Z-5 had been replaced by the Z-60, but also found out that it went out of production recently, and in spite of many efforts haven't found one anywhere - the market seems to be picked clean.

So, is Sanyo exiting the 720P market in favor of more expensive 1080P market? Or - Is there hope for a new and improved Z-60 model coming out?

And if the answer is yes and no to those, where does that leave me in terms of current offerrings, for under $1000?

Anyone who might shed some light or share some observations would be much appeciated.

Chris Swanberg
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