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Because I didn't see any recent posts on this I thought I'd share the results from a recent foray into speaker cleaning.
We are at the tail end of an apartment renovation and, despite my best efforts, my speakers (Gloss Black B&W 800 series) and subs (Gloss Black JL Audio F113's) were gross.

On JL Audio's recommendation, procured this for the subs:
I also grabbed some microfiber cloths.
Results were astonishing. The speakers look better than before we started our reservation. The JL's have been a nightmare to keep clean and no matter what I used to wipe them down, they always ended up with smudges in the finish. Those wipe marks: gone. They also are also now totally resistant to finger prints.

On the B&W's I used:
B&W never got back to my information request, and while I'm sure that the Meguiars would have been fine, without direct recommendation, I went looking for something that was specifically designed for furniture applications.
Results also terrific. The B&W finish is not as temperamental as the JL Audio's and has held up better to cleanings, so there was less for the Cory to fix here - but they still look terrific, and are more resistant to finger prints.

Anyways, figured I'd pass along - v
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