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Hello everyone,

Need some quick advice.

I am shifting to a new house and builder is offering a 7.1 HT system (as an upgrade). It will consist of all in-ceiling speakers and he is using Klipsch Pro 18RC for all 7 speakers (I am trying to get model details for sub-woofer). I mainly watch movies (music is not important) and I like to have clear dialogues as my number 1 concern. My wife likes the idea of hidden in-ceiling speakers but I am really concerned about the loss of sound quality.

My current 5.1 setup (that I would transfer to the new house as an alternative option - and, I am really happy with this setup, so would only go for equivalent or better sound) consists of:

Center: Klipsch RC 62 II
Fronts: Klipsch RB 61 II
Rears: Klipsch RP - 240S
Sub: Polk Audio PSW505
Receiver: Denon AVRX3400

Will I be downgrading by going with the above setup?

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