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In Ceiling Placement Dilemna

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I posted a longer version in General Home Theater with no response. I need to make a decision on the speaker placement by Friday so hoping I can stimulate some feedback. Gratuitous compliments, anyone?!?

We are building a new house, see drawing. The 1st floor will be the only HT until the basement is finished in a few years. The kitchen, cafe and living room are open except for an I-beam bulkhead (runs North-South) behind the couch and a 10"x10" vertical drywall enclosure for the steel post supporting it. A large TV wall was designed into the house and we are hopefully set on the LCR, TV and sub placement.

Current Equipment List:

Paradigm Studio 100 v.4 L &R

Paradigm CC-690 Center

Paradigm ADP-590 Sides

Paradigm Titan Bookshelfs for the Rear

JL Fathom f113

Pioneer Kuro 5020

Denon 4308

  1. Surround Placement - Probably can't use the ADP-590s. Was thinking 7.1 with In Ceilings at A and B or C. Or 5.1 with In Ceilings at B or C. The latter is the preference since I would have to buy all new.

    • A only confines music to LR.
    • B is very close to the bulkhead and will keep music in the kitchen.
    • B and C are above granite and hardwood and I'm worried about reflection.

    Which or other is best placement?
  2. Enclosure? Thinking if having them install this box www.sonance.com/products/accessories/detail/320 to improve bass response and reduce sound leak. Some speaker choices do come with canisters. Should I just do this now and make up my mind on the exact speaker later?
  3. Surround Speaker Choice - Budget TBD but thinking $500-$1k each

    - Paradigm SA-15R-30 ( http://www.paradigm.com/products-current/type=inceiling/model=sa-15r-30/page=overview ) but they don't have pivoting tweeter?

    - Sonance 832 R ( www.sonance.com/products/speakers/detail/326 )?

    - Other?

Been reading all the threads I can find but still not sure so any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


1STFLOORAudioMarkup.pdf 202k .pdf file


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In Ceiling Speaker Recommendations Please

We got moved in and everything installed except the surrounds. Ended up just going with 5.1 and have speaker wire run to locations "A." 16" OC w/ 5/8" drywall, no construction boxes were installed. A few pics of the room are below. Did some additional research and came up with the list below. The only criteria that is really crucial is an enclosed speaker to minimize sound bleed to the BR above.

I may be being naive, but believe that the design of the speak will have more of an impact on the experience than sonic matching to the LCR?

I would really appreciate some feedback, suggestions, etc. Thanks for your help!

Monitor CP-CT380IDC
Totem Tribe
James QXC820R
Triad Inwall Silver/4
Triad In Ceiling Silver Sealed

Room Property Furniture Product Wall

Room Furniture Property Interior design Floor

Property Room Interior design Living room Building
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Triad InWall surround speakers are also designed to be mounted in the ceiling, so that's another option.
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