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We are in the final phases of a house expansion, and I need to decide about a bevy of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The company we work with deals exclusively with Klipsch for in-ceiling speakers, but I'm happy to buy other brands myself and have them install them. There are so many options in so many price ranges, it is very hard to decide. I keep coming up with maximum budgets, but then think, if it is going to be installed permanently, I'd rather over-do it than under-do it. I am looking to spend $5000 - $8000 on the speakers (incl bookshelf and possibly one sub), but there is wiggle room beyond that on the high end.

So here are the setups:

1) The family room. We'll have a 65" TC-P65VT60 on the wall, and though most of the day-to-day TV viewing will be here, this is a more casual, less "blow your mind with audio" setup. I already have an old Klipsch KSW-10 sub that will likely be re-purposed here. It is a medium-to-large sized room, fairly open to other parts of the house. There might be room for a bookshelf front left and right, but the other three will be in-wall and in-ceiling. The receiver will be connected to Sonos Connect.

2) The home theater. This isn't a wholely-dedicated theater space, but it takes up the front half of a long and somewhat narrow basement room. Also a 65" TC-P65VT60 on the wall, and also possibility for bookshelf front left and right, but the other three will be in-wall and in-ceiling. I'll need a sub as well. The receiver will be connected to Sonos Connect.

3) Three pairs of in-ceiling (zones 2-4) speakers for other parts of the house, connected to Sonos Amps, mostly for Spotify and streaming my personal music. There will be no subs in these rooms.

General advice is welcome, but I have a few specific questions in mind:

A) I don't have golden ears, but certainly appreciate a considerable (vs. subtle) difference in audio quality. It seems like Klipsch v. Polk is a very subjective argument at the same price point. Am I missing something there? Have all the "best bang for the buck" arguments I've heard about GoldenEar extend to its in-ceiling Invisas as well? I chanced across a review of the new Noble Fidelity L-85 mk IIs , and wonder if I should just go with those for at least the basement home theater.

B) Obviously I don't have to go with the same brand for both theaters and all three music zones, so are some setups more conducive to certain speakers?

C) Noble Fidelity and GoldenEar don't seem to have dedicated in-wall centers. Does this matter? Is all the "timber-matching" hoopla overrated if I don't have golden ears?

D) In terms of where and when to spend more, my first inclination is to get speakers with larger drivers/cones for the home theater systems, but wouldn't they be less necessary where a subwoofer is in place? So even though I'd use those speakers more than the zone 2-4 music speakers, would it make more sense to buy ones with larger drivers/cones for those zones?

Sorry for the huge info-dump! All advice is appreciated.
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