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In-ceiling Speaker Wiring

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Having a new covered patio built and will be running 4x Focal 100 ICW 8 wired in parallel to Sonos Amp. I bought a couple spools of 16/2 but am second guessing the gauge now, given the length of the run and speaker resistance. Will it be ok if I just double up the 16ga wiring? My understanding is that would be equivalent to using 13ga. To wire in parallel, does it matter if I run all 4 speakers directly to the amp? Or should I wire A to B and C to D, then wire B and D to the amp? Below are the distances of the wire runs for each speaker.

A: 55 ft
B: 35 ft
C - 35 ft
D - 15 ft
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Are you planning on wiring all 4 speakers to one binding post of an amp? If so, you will have a 2 Ohm load on that channel.

Yes, 2-16ga wire in parallel will be 13 ga.
No, it’s A/B on left channel and C/D on right
No, it’s A/B on left channel and C/D on right
OK. Now you have a 4 Ohm load if they are on one terminal. Will amp handle 4 Ohm loads even if the background volume is relatively low most of the time.
Or, A and B have two speaker posts each, then it is 8 Ohm load and good to go.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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