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I am looking to get a decent pair of in-ceiling speakers that aren't more than $200 per pair. I have been looking at the Mirage i-8C which are $170 per pair at Vann's with free shipping.

I was not able to find any reviews of theses speakers. I was also wondering if somebody knew what the sound quality difference between the Mirage i-C6 and i-C8 is. I know there is a difference in power (100 and 125 watts) and in low bandwidth (55 and 45). The i-c6 are pretty cheap at Vann's only $99 for the pair with free 3-day shipping. It seems as those these speakers are the same as the Athena Speakers in-ceiling speakers except the Mirage's are cheaper in price.

Thanks for your help, and I am open to any other in-ceiling speakers you guys might want to recommend instead.
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