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I am looking at the following for my surrounds.

1. Martin Logan Helos 100

2. RBH 815L

3. Speakercraft Aim 8-3

4. Mirage Omni-cams


There is a considerable price difference between these. ML are about 900-1000/pr, 650/pr for RBH, and I can get the 8-3's from authorized dealers for about 400/pr.

I know that surrounds do not come into play that much, and therefore if all specs are relatively equal, I was thinking on going the most cost effective pair.

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I just installed the Martin Logan Helos 100's. I like them. They have a setting where you can either have the tweeter disburse sound narrowly aimed, or more broadly. I tried narrow for an hour and was not at all happy. I switched to wide and became absolutely delighted.

Have heard Speakercraft, but don't know now which models. Not bad. But not Helos quality either.

Have not heard the others.

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Originally Posted by salraf /forum/post/16841273

Fronts will be energy take series.

I have only heard the speakercraft's since the local BB has them. Naturally they sound very good in their custom environment.

Just to clarify, but you mean the Take towers, right? Not the tiny bookshelf Take speakers?

I will make my shameless plug for RBH. I love their speakers and own a pair of bookshelves and a pair of the 815L's. I compared them to Polk, Boston Accoustics, Infinity, and Klipsch and really liked the sound of the RBH speakers.

To be honest, I am not sure how they compare to Speakercraft (although I have listed to some of their in-wall speakers and liked them) and Martin Logan makes great speakers, but they tend to be pricey for what you get IMHO.

The Take towers have an aluminum doom tweeter which is what RBH uses as well. So I suspect they would compliment each other.

On the budget side of things you may want to consider the 615-L's from RBH as you may find them cheaper.
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