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Let me setup the situation first:

Paradigm L/R and Center in a room about 16 feet wide by 25 feet long. The TV and speakers are on one end, my sofa is about 12 feet away. Behind the sofa is my dining table area. Basically nothing can be moved without my wife getting severely annoyed. Just not going to happen

Have young kids so I can't setup my surrounds right now. Have two small in-ceiling speakers mounted very slightly IN FRONT of my seating position. They are on each side of the sofa but maybe 1 foot in front. They were there when the house was built. Planning to replace them with better quality speakers if this concept goes forward.


Do you think I can get away with using, likely Paradigm to match, in-ceiling speakers in these locations to be my rear surrounds?

Would it be better to try and get Paradigm's "Guided Soundfield" models? They are angled at 30 degrees. I'm not sure if I can fit them in but it looks promising. Thinking of directing the sound towards the rear & sidewall to try and mimic the sound coming from behind the sofa area.

Or, would a straight down firing in-ceiling work better or close enough to save the extra cost/work?

Obviously this is a compromise situation but I don't have much of an alternative until my kids grow up a bit more. Thanks!
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