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I'm looking to install an in ceiling/inwall 5.1 surround sound system for my home theater for a space 12' x 18', with the 60" TV on the shorter end. The purpose of surround sound is in the ratio of theatre/music 70/30
I've shortlist to the Polk Audio speakers. These are my options

SC 65/85 for front
SC C for center
SC/RC 80 for back
and PSW 505 for sub woofer

option 2 is to upgrade to the RT vanishing series
265 RT for front
255 RT center
90/70 RT for back
and PSW 505 for sub woofer

Could someone pls recommend what the major difference is and is RT series worth the upgrade other than the vanishing look?
I'm just started looking into 5.1 surround system and don't know alot of speakers. Once they'll be installed, don't think would upgrade in the next 5-7 yrs

Any guidance will be appreciated!
Thanks :)
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