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In-Cieling vs On-Wall Surrounds

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My home theater is already constructed, I originally intended to use on-wall speakers as my rear surrounds. I recently posted another question on another topic and was strongly recommended to go with a ceiling speaker as apposed to my original idea, going with dipole/bipole on-wall surrounds. The rear spears will be right below the seating position. Ive attached a really primitive layout of my home theater, and need some advice as to which kind of speaker would best suit my application.
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Your seating presents a real challenge for rear surrounds; can you move the sofa out a bit?

I'd also recommend in-ceilings in your case. I recently installed four in-ceilings for my side and rear surrounds. In my case, I have plenty of room behind my sofa for in-ceilings (they're about 12 feet behind), but on-walls were just about impossible due to the floor plan. I'm very happy with the results.
If you are talking about a 5.1 system then the surrounds should go on the sides of the couch, not behind you. And I if your listening position is going ot be up against that wall then I would not even bother with 7.1 and back surrounds. Stick to 5.1
I cant put any speakers on the side because there is a window to one of the sides. The rear speaker would be in very close proximity to the seating position because the distance from the viewing position to the 110" screen is roughly 12 feet so I cant move the seats any closer. I am doing 5.1 setup, just cant really use the space on the sides. So the general consensus is in ceiling would be better?
So the consensus is that a ceiling speaker would be best?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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