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In floor IB setup help needed.....

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Hi everyone, i've been dormant from here for a while as i haven't had any projects in mind. but i'm suppose to be closing on mine and my wife's first house on the 20th (this coming monday). i have so many ideas for things i want to do to the place once we get settled in.

but, one thing that i need to focus on and get a game plan for is my sub project. whilst i love ginormous speakers that tower to the ceiling, i also like clean, uncluttered living quarters and due to that i've decided to look into hiding a sub setup in the floor. time is of the essence though since soon as i get the keys to the place i gotta get started on the repairs we wanna do so we can get moved in pronto and not pay a mortgage and rent at the same time. the flooring will all be replaced and we are leaning towards hardwood in the living room.

the house is a two story with no space above the living room for a ceiling IB setup. nor does the house have a basement below. so, can a in floor setup still be done? will the drivers handle the "outdoor" elements they would be exposed to? i don't want a huge hole in our living room floor, so what are my options for getting the sound into the room adequately while maintaining a clean look?

i'll try to get some measurements for the living room size a.s.a.p so that i can get some recommendations for adequate driver selection and overall project design. also, my setup will be used for both music and movie. i'm looking for high spl, low freq., low distortion bass.

as always, i await to hear from the guru's and jokers alike.
i appreciate the responses fellas.


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What's below your living room? Crawlspace? If so, given that moisture isn't a problem down there you should be able to. I am no expert so I would refer you to the cult of the infinitely baffled for any further on the final design.

To make it look better you can build it into a manifold and place a vent grate over it so it just looks like a regular vent before someone stands over it and feels the deep bass.
Yeah, just a crawl space below.
I posted over at the cult too, but I'm still open to any wisdom or guidance.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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