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Hi Everyone,


Thank you for such a great resource!  We're moving into a new house and have had our first floor, patio and basement (home theatre surround) prewired for speakers.  We have two estimates to install speakers and a receiver with two zones ( 1. basement 2. first floor and patio.  I struggling to compare the option.  Does anyone have any advice.  Are these costs ballpark of what seems fairly priced?  By the way, we live in Denver if anyone has recommendations for companies to work with.  Thanks for any advice!


Option 1 (includes installation)

Speakers upstairs:

Price: $550

Make: SpeakerCraft CRS 6.2

Model: CRS 6.0


Speakers in patio

Price: $550

Make: SpeakerCraft

Model: OE5


Surround sound in basement 

Price: $1,495

Make: Speakercraft  

Model: CRS 6.2


Subwoofer in basement

Price: 470.00

Make: SpeakerCraft

Model: V8                  



Price: 699.00

Make: Yamaha

Model: RX A730


Total = $3,764


Option 2 

Tru Audio out door speakers (2) $200

Tru Audio in Ceiling speakers speakers (2) $200.00

Audio Source AMP100 $175.00

Onkyo TXNR-525 Surround RCVR $400.00

Tru Audio Surround Package $800.00

in wall volume controls (2) $80.00

Logitech remote $100.00


Installation $1,520


Total = $3,458
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