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In-house service warranties ???

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I had recently made a post, asking about Mack warranties, and their in-house service plan, but got basically no responses.

So, okay, it doesn't 'have to be' Mack. Surely their must be other companies that offer an in-house service protection plan for flat panel TV's ?

Their are a few reasons I am so interested in this type of after market warranty...

A) Because of the HUGE savings, I will probably purchase my TV online (understanding the chances of damage during shipping.... which won't neccessarily be obvious, right from day 1)

B) I'm saving SO much money, that I don't mind spending a good chunk on the after market warranty.

C) I wouldn't want to box up and drag a 46" Flat panel TV, to a local brick and mortar store..... Let alone to a freight shipping place, so I could pay several hundred $$$, on top of my troubles !

So, has anybody ever had their flat panel fixed, at their own house, with the use of an in-house warranty ? What company ? Final results ?

Thank you,

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