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I've been a long time reader and finally got the courage to register.

I purchased a yamaha v465 for my 5.1 setup and I am happy with it BUT, one issue that gripes me is that I can't watch tv while turning on lets say the radio or listen to my iPod (not via the adapter). Yes, I know I can manually wire the cable box to the tv but its just annoying to have to switch inputs on the tv to switch to the other components.

I've been searching and not been able to get a clear answer on if the Denon 1610/590 can do this. So I'm debating on just getting a new receiver. I only need 5.1 and at least 3 HDMI inputs (that carry audio). This is just a bedroom setup so its not a big room and I don't need anything too fancy.

Can anyone recommend anything around the price range of ~350? Or for the price I got the v465 should I suck it up at manually wire the tv and save myself money. I feel like I got a deal on the yamaha at $272 shipped.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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