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Hello all...

I just got a brand new Sony Bravia set and i was dying to see it grinding 1080p content so i went ahead and downloaded a couple of movies for testing and i immediately ran into trouble...

...the picture seems perfect, no hicups, no slowdows...but the audio starts skipping after a coulpe of seconds. I tried switching players (went through BS player, Media Player Classic, Zoom Player...) to either audio skipping or audio terribly out of sync. While fumbling around the options in KMPlayer, i switched out of SPDIF to something like 5.1 audio...and i could see in the receiver that i was only getting a stereo stream...but the skipping was nowhere to be seen...so i think its a audio configuration problem.

Any ideas? Heres my system specs (its more than enough for 1080p)


2gigs RAM

GTX280 > HDMI > Bravia

Realtek on board audio > SPDIF > Sony Receiver

I have CCCP installed and tried COREcodec last night to no avail.

Hope you guys can help me out!

Thanks in advance.
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