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We recently got robbed unfortunately and they took my Epson 8345 which did the job fine and was super easy to install due to horizontal/vertical lens shifting.

The good side of that event is that I can buy something better for cheaper. However, our HT room has 2 major issues:

- Low ceiling (a bit more than 7")

- Beam right in the middle that acts as a 9" obstacle

Previously, the Epson 8345 was placed on top of the furniture at the back of the room (see attached file). The throw could do 17' and it was below the beam.

Now, I've been eyeing the BenQ W1070 which offers better image quality at 800$ CAD presently.

However, I would need to mount the thing right on top of our head at around 11' from the 120" screen. Also, because of the beam acting as a 9" obstacle, I'd need to hang the projector at 7' - 9", which appears kinda low and I couldn't find a ceiling mount that extends between 5-10". Is there such a thing?

Also, at this height, right over our heads, would you be concerned by the sorta loud fan noise of the W1070?

I looked at the short-throw version, the W1080ST, but the distance between the beam and the screen is roughly 6', which wouldn't leave enough distance between the lens and the screen.

What do you guys suggest? I know the expensive projectors offer longer throw, but I don't use it enough to justify spending 2000$. The W1070 is so attractive, but seems like tough to adapt to our room.

I think looking at the long throw options with lens shift would be simpler. There was a BenQ W7000 refurb. for 1050$ recently. Would you recommend that? Anything else?

Thanks in advance!


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