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I'm currently in the market for (2) 30-40 inch LED TVs. Main use will be computer screens for easy multitasking (i will be using amd-eyefinity with my Sony 46HX850). I thought I'd post here to see what you guys think.

My requirements are:

30-40 inches
slim bezel

1080P (Need all 3 screens to be 1080p in order for eyefinity to work apparently.)


Under $380 each

I am not looking for awesome PQ, i have my HX850 for that, just looking for some cheap(ish) 1080P TVs that do the job.

Was looking at this set made by TCL, but it's only 720p and i need a full 1080P set:

So let me know what you think and where i can find the sets I'm looking for!
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