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First post here. I've been reading this forum since cnet linked to it in their article about rising blacks on the Panasonics. Lots of info for a novice like myself to wrap their brain around. All the information is very much appreciated, thanks to all contributors.

I want a set that will deliver the best (or close to it) 2D picture quality currently available, and that will maintain that pq long enough for me to get my $'s worth, say 5 years minimum? Anybody have any input regarding the durability/reliability of Pioneer/Panasonic (assuming the initial black levels of the 2010s are low enough that tripling them will still deliver an excellent picture)/Samsung/LG?

I'm waiting for the 2010 reviews, but the local big box location has a cache of pro101fd Pioneers marked at $3K. I'd have to move on that pretty soon if I go that route. For the same price, I could wait for the summer or fall and get a 58VT25. Or I could step down a level on the tv, to a G25 or something comparable from Samsung or LG, and spend the difference on the rest of the HT I'm just starting to put together. $3K is about double what I was planning on spending for the tv, but I won't mind paying it if I'm going to get a world class set for the better part of a decade. I will say Panasonic's backpedaling on the black level issue and the widespread anti-Samsung sentiment here both have me hesitant to buy anything from either of these companies.

Any general advice or recommendations for someone just getting started would also be appreciated. The tv will be used most for sports, but also for movies, regular tv surfing, and occasional gaming. Thanks.
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