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I'm inquiring about possibly trying to fix my 20 year old Bob Carver Sunfire MK-II subwoofer which has been experiencing what I would call a rattling issue on the driver. I have a
of the issue.

I used a frequency test from YouTube descending from 200-1hz and as you can see as it descends to the 33-30 Hz range it begins to rattle like crazy. This also occurs when I turn the volume any higher than 0 db during high intense scenes. I'm no expert or audio engineer and a neophyte in this area but I'm wondering if this things even repairable in the first place? My assumption was the cone or spider had ripped from the basket and housing, but everything appeared fine and intact. My only other guess it's the coils based on anecdotal comments I've read online in the past. Assuming it's one of these options, is it possible to take this to a audio repair shop and get it fixed assuming there isn't a replacement available?

An expert familiar with these subs indicated to me based off just the video alone that the driver’s coming apart and bottoming even though it's doing quite well except for that narrow band of frequencies.

So been hunting all over online for a 10" active driver online for a replacement however there seems to be no more in existence. I've checked Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, and found nothing so far. I've called around locally in my area if anyone has expertise in my area at repairing subs and unfortunately have had no such luck. Doing more research I discovered this Dayton RSS265HO driver and curious to know if it's compatible. My other concern (assuming it's compatible) is I would have to make any custom modifications to the housing unit to screw it in or if the wiring will have have to be completely modified at the connection points. I hope that's not the case since this is above my pay grade at that point.

Last question to ask, if there's anywhere who still repairs these things around the country? This is a last option for me though because I'm more than likely gonna assume this will cost me an arm and a leg and if it exceeds past $300 plus shipping, it'll exceed my limited budget. Anyways, looking for any and all comments on this thread cuz at this point I don't know if I should just part it out or what.

Thanks fellas.
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