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Medical circumstances dictated that a new bathroom had to be put in my mom's house on short notice. The location of the new bathroom left a wall for me to put surround speakers in, since that is something that they've wanted. I didn't want to do the dirty work, but I knew it was better to work when the walls were new/open. Long story, short, we ordered some Energy EAS-6Ws, which should be a decent match for their other speakers. However, the actual installation work was left to me and a friend. The contractors who put up the drywall left us in a bit of a pickle, with the location of the holes that they made for the speaker wire (and we might have made a few errors of our own. We used the templates to create the openings, but on at least one side, the speaker will be very close to the stud, if not right up against it, which precludes the use of the normal mounting technique on that side.

Work pretty much needs to be done tonight/tomorrow, to the extent possible.

So, my questions are:

1. What is the best solution? Are there good or bad adhesives to use for this application, whether we're talking about sonic qualities or fire hazards, etc.?

2. I have read that it is ok to have unfaced fiberglass insulation touching the back of the speaker? Is this accurate? And I assume any facing should be removed if it is there?

Thank you in advance.
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