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In wall speaker selection help

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I remodeled my kitchen and pre-wired audio and CAT5 cables for a future stereo (2 channel) sound system. The future is here and I need advice selecting in wall speakers. I 'd have to cut holes in the walls for the seakers, but I know where the wires are located. I want "very good" sound, but don't need surround; 2 channel audio will be adequate as there will never be video there. I can but a sub in a cab in the kitchen, but prefer not to (I can be talked out of this stance). There are lots of expensive in-wall speakers out there, and some seemingly inexpensive options on the web. Need suggestions. I don't have an amp yet, but would prefer a 2 channel. I'm thinking 100W/ch should be plenty. I'd like to keep speaker cost under $400, but a little more (or a lot less) is OK.

Perfect amp would be able to drive these kitchen speakers and 1 or 2 more zones, and fit in a kitchen cabinet. Wiring/power isn't and issue.

Any advice is welcome and appreciated.

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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