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In-wall speakers:Good or bad

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I am researchiing speakers for my basement home theater. I have had a couple of salesmen tell me that in-wall speakers are not good and will not perform as well as floor-standing or wall-mounted. I just talked to another local guy by phone and he says that's basically all he does and he thinks they perform as well or better. What is the general consensus on performance and why would they not work as well?? Thanks for any input.
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Sum that up with two words...the room. In walls could be both good or bad depending on the room (acoustics, size, etc.). I am not an expert in this area so someone else should chime in. I do know that having the room treated acoustically really helps, but it is kinda spendy. I guess grab an SPL meter and experiment. If the dealers will let you borrow speakers (some will some wont, the ones near my home let you borrow speakers to test in your own home) then test em out. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
In-walls must be both well designed and properly installed. Otherwise, the results can be very bad. My mom had some in-walls that were unlistenable because they made the whole wall resonate like a giant unbraced speaker cabinet.
In-walls can be good, but will cost a good deal more than equivalent bookshelf or floorstanding speakers. And proper placement and installation is crucial. I would generally recomend against installing them yourself and use someone who knows what they are doing.

Check out triad for some good in-walls.
The guy I spoke with is talking about BIC and NXG which I know very little about.
...Time to get edumacated :D
i have snell inwalls (5) and a pr of speakercraft - makes for a 7.1 setup in my basement home theater - driven by a kenwood soverign reciever

i could not happier and my guests as well - everyone is blown away by how good it sounds down there

this was done bout 3 yrs ago , i had the installer come back around the 1st of this year to consider "upgrading" to james' inwalls - he said not to bother - just enjoy what is here already -

seperately , i had my sharp 9ku professionally calibrated last fall - even that guy commented ,besides what a great pq my sharp dlp has , the sound in the room is excellent

btw , the .1 (sub) set up is the snell ics24

imo , you are not sacrificing anything by going inwalls

btw2 , see my gallery for 2 older pics of my setup (there have been a couple of small changes , i need to update with newer photos)
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