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In-Wall Speakers? Need this Forum's Vast Resources!

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I am going to be putting together a simple surround room for my Father in Law. I/We have decided that in walls would be good because this not a dedicated theater room and therefore needs a stealth element to it. I am thinking of relocating the equipment to the closet and using a Xantech IR system.

The help I need is suggestions on a complete in-wall system and places to find deals on-line. He does not intend to spend just a ton of money but I will be making the system the best it can be with what I have to work with.

I was wondering about the height and placement of the front three channels I usually place these in a line about 5 1/2 to six' up from the floor. I would also like to use an in-wall horizontal center channel that is timbre matched with the other speakers.

If anyone knows where I can get Xantech cheap then that would be nice also. I will need one eye, connecting block, power supply, and 3 dual blinks.

Also will need wall plates with binding post and retro boxes & speaker wire.

Any help is worth a ton to me and I love this forum.



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I have another question about this system.

Should I put the rears in the ceiling or the wall?

I think that the ceiling would cover more area but is not the ideal location. I am trying to cover a fairly large are with the rears and I think di/bi pole in-walls will probably be necessary.

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Have you looked at www.partsexpress.com They have everything you are looking for including some cheap inwall speakers. For inwalls I would either go with Niles or Speaker Craft, but of course they a quite a bit more expenssive.


Thanks Simon!

Anyone else?

I am not going to buy cheap in walls they are all relatively inexspenive considering.

I have found some in walls on dealtime.com and priceline.com that are decent. Particularly some klipsh that have an LFE of 42Hz for around 200 a pair.

Does the Horn tweeter cause a narrow or broad image in comparison to silk dome tweeters?

Another thought is Magnepan don't they have some relatively inexspensive speakers that will hand on the wall? I think this would be interesting to try. Any info?


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[This message has been edited by Nathan Ivey (edited 11-24-2000).]
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What about enclosed in walls?

Guess I should change my thread to best sounding in walls?
Hi Nathan and fellow music lovers,

Well, there are a couple of in walls which are really good, one pair I've heard and the others by reputation only.

The one's I've heard are B&W Signature In Wall series and the CDS6 surround sound speaker. These were arrayed with three signatures across the fron and a pair of CDS6's at the sides. How good were they? Well if I didn't know I'd have been sure I was listening to high quality bookshelf speakers, they were that good. Cheap, no way they are at the top end, but they sure sound sensational and they are pretty easy on the drive electronics.

The in wall's I've not heard the Thiel Powerpoint and Powerplane speakers. Forget easy to drive, they aren't! They require very good drive electronics. But if they are anything at all like their floorstanding speakers then they will be superb with great imaging, astonishing transparency and vocal intelligibility will be to die for. They will not, I'm sure, be very cheap.

Well, these are the two brnads I'd be looking at if it were me. I know you mention your Father in Law isn't looking to spend a ton of money, but money spent on either of these brands will be money which will be very well spent. Don't think of it as spending, think of it as investing for future AV enjoyment.

I hope this helps.

Regards and best wishes,



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NHT has some in wall speakers you can try. Never heard them myself, but if they are like their usual HT speakers, should be good.

Magnepans need good amount of room behind the speakers. They are not really made from hanging from the wall. Though, for surrounds, it may not matter.


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Thanks Bro!

Looks like the search is down to these:




and my own choice Phase Technology

I have a new thread though...
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The Definitive Tech Bipolar inwalls aren't too bad.

Some other in-walls to consider would include the Atlantic Technology SR20's or the Triad In-wall gold or silver speakers.


D. Erskine

DEsign Cinema Privee

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I've heard the Triads and they are the only THX speaker that isn't bright to me. I think they would do fine IMHO.
If money is not a consideration then I'd have to say the Thiels. Speakercraft only does inwalls and they are quite nice. Lifetime warranty and on some you can aim the tweeter and on some the midrange as well to get better imageing (one of the main drawbacks to inwalls) They also have boxes they can be put in as well.

Check them out.


Gifford Largey

AudioVision Systems
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I was in the same boat installing a system for my father in law. He had some of the same limitation on space. I chose the Triad bronze with the in wall sub as well. I have really liked the perfomance of the system. The only problem I have had is the center channel. I have a Runco VX1c projecting directly over the seating area and the fan noise washes out the center channel. I am constantly playing the up and down game with the volume.

The solution will be some sort of hush box. All in all I am very happy with the result.

Sounds like you did a nice job.

Sorry about the projector noise, I'm sure you can find a way around it.

Looks like the Triads are a nice choice. No if I can find a place that is willing to make a decent quote...

Looks like I'm on my way over to google to check em' out.

Thanks Everyone!


There should be a dealer in DFW, and there is one in Tulsa as well.
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