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In-wall subwoofer cable and placement

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So how do you guys handle this? I know that the ideal subwoofer location can vary quite a bit due to room acoustics. You can't really test it until all the walls are finished. So how do you run the subwoofer cable in the wall?

Do you guess where it will go and put a faceplate jack there? Then you have to be willing to have another fairly long cable if that turns out not to be a good location.

My dilemma is that it will probably look best to have the sub directly below the plasma. I have three electrical outlets along that wall at normal height. If the sub works much better in the corner farthest from the equipment closet, it would be nice to have the cable terminated over there.

I guess I could run a longer cable all the way to the corner, then be willing to pull it back to the center if that works better...

I don't know what to do.


- LoopinFool
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I ran 2 RG6 lines so I could choose either side of my theater for sub placement.
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