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I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-52, but I have no speakers other than the ones on my TV. I am looking to build out a nice 5.1 system that would probably be split 50/50 between movies and music.

The speakers need to be in-wall due to "constraints" placed on the project.
I have also noticed that the depth of the wall, including the drywall, is 3 3/4", which seems to be limiting some of the options. The room is about 15' x 20' and opens into the rest of the house.

1) What kind of equipment would $1500 get me?

2) How would you allocate the funds? Does this allocation seem reasonable:

Front L&R speakers - $600 for both

Center - $300

Rear L&R - $300 for both

Sub - $300

3) Brand recommendations that might fit those constraints? Axiom's line seems to be in the price range and gets decent reviews.


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