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*** INCREDIBLE ! *** Skyworth adjusts sound pitch on Pal DVDs from NTSC masters!

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Hi Guys,

I stumbled across this - as I can never help but tweak around whenever possible. ;)

First, here's my Skyworth 1050P setup:

- initial series with original capacitor

- unplugged blue lights

- Karaoke board disconnected

That last part is the most important, as you will see.

When a DVD is playing, even though the microphone inputs are disconnected from the mainboard, the Karaoke selection can be activated.

To do this, just press Karaoke at the top of your remote, and press Select to turn it on.

Then press on the Down button, and then press once on the Left button.

This last measure lowers the harmonic frequency of the sound track. It will probably still be 4% faster than the original NTSC transfer's soundtrack, but at least it won't be higher pitched (might even be slightly lower pitch, depending on the effect of the Karaoke adjustment).

If you don't notice anything, as the difference is slight, then just try moving it all the way to the right (pressing the Right button several times). It will sound like everyone has been inhaling helium - they get way crazy squeeky voices, but the speed of speech remains the same. Go the other way (far Left) and they sound like they come from the deepest entrails of the Earth. A neat way to redisover movies with a new comedic angle! ;)

Let me know if you try it and like it.

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