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I am new here and have been reading quite a lot here, on reddit and on head-fi about budget options available when it comes to bookshelf speakers+amp or powered speakers or even floorstanders.

the most frequent recommendations seem to be Pioneer Sp-Bs22Lr or Infinity Primus p163.
I haven't checked if they are available at brick and mortar shops or not, but they are certainly not available with any Indian e-retailers.

I am from India and I don't have a lot of good (most budget oriented people here tend to drool over bose, sony, creative or logitech) options here in my budget and those options that I do have, here in India they tend to be pretty expensive (due to importing taxes, customs and everything else) compared to amazon.com prices.

Could somebody recommend me what should I get for about $250-300 (max upto 20,000 INR for full setup I mean if amp is required then amp+speaker=max upto Rs20000)
It will mostly be used for music i.e. Indian classical, classical, classical crossovers, ambient, avant grade, neo-classical, trip-hop, soundtracks and pop orchestra.
Other than that steely dan, dire straits, two steps from hell, olafur arnalds, sufjan stevens, ulver, sphongle, nightwish, etc
So the most important aspect of the speakers should be sultry seductive mid-range and good soundstaging and imaging....I also look for details but it should not be ear-scratching sibilant details.
my current setup is pc->audio-gd nfb 15.32->HD 650/fidelio X2.
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