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I guess this could have gone in CRTs, but since it concerns the black level and being able to calibrate the things I guess I'll put it here.

27" Panasonic TAU directview(2 years old) and 27" curved JVC directviews(8? years old) at gym I go to.

I needed to adjust the G2 flyback "screen" pot to set black level on these TVs. Otherwise I would have to raise brightness all the way up or to see even a slight effect. What kind of brightness controls are these?! My Sony WEGA and Toshiba look different with just a couple clicks either way.

Since I couldn't use DVE at the gym(!), I was able to dial in a decent black level via the "screen" pot, then fine tune it by raising or lowering brightness. I hit the focus pots on all three sets over the cardio section of the gym and got them focused like new using the user menu text as a pattern.

Results - Contrast: centered. Brightness: raised a couple clicks above center. Color, cut back a bit on all. Tint - left centered. Sharpness, lowered each all the way and raised it until I saw graphics thicken or small disclaimer text just fatten. Sharpness at 25 out of 100.

The picture on these nearly decade-old dames? Priceless. The natural crispness of good ole' NTSC shines through, and colors and light levels in scenes are natural.

Hey, you're in gym to get a workout - why not let your eyes relax with a decent looking pitcher?

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Once you've done your first dozen or so real calibrations and spent hours and hours in the services menu's of various sets, you'll find that the desire to do pointless tweaking of old tv's you run into goes away.

Calibration is real work and time consuming, for not so good pay. I have respect for those who do it over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over........
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