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Will be putting a new projector into a small conference room (15x20 feeet). It'll be hooked up to a Comcast HD box (via receiver) and a Windows pc. I'm currently using an old Infocus 4805 that I brought from home.

Here's what I need:

1. The ability to work on MS Word documents with some ambient light.

2. Text clarity is important when working with MS Word documents since I usually have a client in the room while editing documents together. The Infocus does not seem to allow for very good text clarity.

3. The HD cable box is mostly so that others in the office can enjoy March Madness games on TV in HD--but no need for 1080p.

4. Finally, price is a consideration (under $1000) since this projector doesn't get used much--except in March. :)

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. I'd be interested in actual projector models or even just suggestions on what to look for to meet the above needs.
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