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Inexpensive DIY gray screen

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I have been conducting some lcd and dlp demos to try and narrow down which one is right for me. However, I have been using my 120" Stewart screen (1.8 screen gain). I have heard about some of the excellent results other forum members have been obtaining with gray screens and I would like to get an idea of what a gray screen can do for me. However, it isn't something I want to spend a ton of time or money with. I know there are ton of options out there and I was curious if there is a consensus on what is inexpensive and easy to build. I would like to build something with a strong brace support and not use anything like masonite. Is there a faq on how to easily build one of these? Is there a consensus on what inexpensive material is best to use (blackout or canvas perhaps)? Finally, is there a consensus on a good inexpensive paint to use that would ensure a decent gray screen.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I played with sheets for a while. I got the color right but it wasn't reflective enough. I built a strait wall out of metal 2x4's and drywall. I got tired of messing with it. You can put a good artist canvas over a frame and paint it. The color is something you would have to play with. It is about the color of the background behind Hans pic Hans pic . Or at least that is what I came up with. Or you could buy it from KBK if he is selling. He did all the work for you. If you are just testing the water they sell 4x8 poster board. It is light and strait but I don't know how much it costs. I have heard of people using celotex sheet insulation too. The Masonite is cheap. But it is heavy.

This is just what I have come up with from my tinkering. Your taste and preference may differ....



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