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Hi, guys. Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere. I recently bought the Panasonic PT960 HTIB, but have been feeling some buyer's remorse. Before Thanksgiving weekend, I had never heard the names Monoprice, Oppo, etc., because I was perfectly content w/my Sony Dream System DAV-900 (until the disc changer finally gave up).

The 1st thing I looked for was an HTIB w/speaker stands. I had considered going w/separate components this time for obvious reasons, but ultimately, and probably foolishly, decided against it. The 960 seemed to have good to great reviews, so I bought it Thanksgiving weekend from B & H for about $359 shipped. Don't get me wrong; it's a nice little system for the money, with decent audio & pic, but after reading about the Oppo980 (I read it's better on plasmas than the 981), but I'm wondering if it's worth paying the shipping, and possibly a restocking fee (1 piece of styrofoam used to encase the wirless transmitter was accidentally thrown away, maybe a couple pieces of wrapping as well) to exchange the 960 for another system (maybe Sony 2300 or HT7200) to go w/the Oppo.

I mention those systems because they're more compatible (audio wise) w/Bluray players if and when I finally jump on that bandwagon. What other systems are comparable to those right now? Less than $400, preferably less than $300. What's the best/cheapest system that ISN'T compatible w/Blu-ray (as far as the audio thing)? The Onkyo 3100? Keep in mind, I have no other devices, so the whole input/output thing isn't really an issue. I have a 4 year old Panasonic 42" 720p plasma that I love, and mainly use to watch movies, so I'm wondering if there will even be any PQ difference between the Oppo & the 960. (Btw....seating distance is about 10 ft.)

Right now, I'd just like to have a great upcoverting player to enjoy my current SD collection on. What do you think? Bite the bullet, pay the shipping (& possibly restocking fee), and go for the Oppo & separate receiver (which would probably add another $300+ to what I've spent, 'cause I'd have to get 2 pairs of stands @ Monoprice
) and get it out of the way? Or should I just stick with the 960, as I probably wouldn't notice much difference anyway? Thanks in advance.
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