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Infared Remote System

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I'm looking for an IR remote system to run my plasma TV, satelight receiver, DVD player and stereo system. So it must be hardened against the plasma output as I want to put the receiver right under the screen.

I've been looking at the Audioplex stealth design but am curious if there is a better system for this.

Are there any online vendors to stay away from? Or would I do better to go to a brick and motar store? I've only found this at a few sites like Enhanced Home Theatre.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance.
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Niles makes really good DIY "kits" that you can buy in parts to fit your needs. They make (as do others) plasma-proof IR sensors.

You can do a sensor, block, power supply, and about four devices for just under $300.
I use a Xantech connecting block along with their Blink emitters and power supply on my system. The receiver (eye) is what determines whether it will be susceptible to Plasmas. Do a search on eBay and you will find pretty much everything you need and a lot of it available from ebay stores where you don't have to bid on it. Connecting block, power supply and emitters should be less than $100. I don't have a plasma so I just have a normal receiver unit but the ones that work with plasmas are readily available. Once you know the part numbers (from ebay) you want, you can google them to find the best online prices.

Have you looked at RF remotes w. IR repeaters (that adhere to the equipment's sensors)?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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